Category: Slip and Fall Accidents

Back to School Safety Tips

By Graver Injury Attorneys Drivers Beware: Back-To-School Means Sharing Roads and Brings a Need to Slow Down and be Vigilant For many, summertime means slower days–more vacations, less traffic, and no school! And while kids and parents alike are spending their final summer days preparing for fall by going back-to-school shopping, all drivers will want [..]

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Study Shows Trampoline Parks Unsafe by Design; What About Waivers?

By Graver Injury Attorneys A recent six-year study concluded that most trampoline parks are unsafe by design. So, what does this mean for liability waivers that participants are required to sign? Are they valid? First, let’s briefly look at a recent study by a university professor and biomechanical engineer: Repeated incidents of trampoline park injuries [..]

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March Brings Brain Injury Awareness

By Graver Injury Attorneys Brain Injury Awareness Month is observed every March to educate Americans on a major leading cause of death and disability known as TBI. It is a time to recognize that more than 5 million Americans live with disabilities due to traumatic brain injury primarily caused by falls, striking objects or motor [..]

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