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Yes, we’re still working hard: How our firm has managed to continue helping injury victims through Covid-19

Covid-19 took the world by surprise and law firms across the globe were no exception. While the legal industry is considered essential and exempt from the general closure order for our state, not all firms were prepared to deal with a pandemic overnight. So how is our firm navigating through this new reality? Positive Change. [..]

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National Preparedness Month: A Hurricane Emergency Plan

By Graver Injury Attorneys September is National Preparedness Month where the purpose is to promote family and community disaster and emergency planning. In the wake of Hurricane Dorian, many were left re-evaluating their readiness to both avoid and survive disaster; especially Floridians, who were spared a direct hit from the strongest category 5 hurricane recorded [..]

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Parents Alerted: Inaccurate Baby Monitors, New Study

By: Graver Injury Attorneys Parents relying on their baby monitors to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) are being cautioned against its accuracy. According to new research published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, baby monitors used at home for vital sign readings are inconsistent at best.  In a study administered by the [..]

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